Animal Portraits 2008 - 2018

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Ystävyys, Vänner, Friendship, Oil on Canvas,  2018
Tuuli, Vinden, The Wind, Oil on Canvas, 80*125cm
The model posing under his picture 2018
Laku, Oil on Canvas,  150*100cm
Medusa, Oil on Canvas, 70*50cm, 2015
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Detail, Oil on canvas, 2012
Aasi, Åsna, Oil on Canvas 82x65cm, 2017
Apina, Apa, Oil on Canvas 100x91cm, 2017
Lammas, Lamm, The Lamb, Oil on Canvas, 68x46cm, 2010
Lapsuus,Barndom, Childhood, Oil on Canvas, 92x32cm, 2012
Girighet, Ahneus, Greed, Oil on Canvas, 115*100cm, 2010
Frosseri, Ylensyönti, Overeating, Oil on Canvas, 116*150cm, 2010
Lättja, Laiskuus, Lazieness, Oil on Canvas, 100*116cm, 2010

Custom Orders

If you are interested in a custom order for a pet or an other animal portrait, I am glad to get acquainted with your best friend and make a portrait of a warm moment. I work with several sizes and am glad to make a quote once I have met the animal and we have agreed on the size. If interested get in touch at