Hanna Uggla

Stories of my Exhibitions


Sometimes I start the process without any thoughts and sometime I have a theme or questions that start the painting process. A theme 2009 had to do with human weakness , were I presented the seven deadly sins from my perspective. Fear and dance-seven deadly sins. Fear is what makes people hate those who are different. We all have the same weaknesses. Through the paintings I wanted people to recognize the feelings inside themselves. Seven deadly sins, sins that everybody carries inside. Rasists think they don´t. "Those people are greedy and lazy-not me".

Together 2015

Women and animals have been worshipped and sacrificed in the name of religions in all times. In this exhibition I combined holy animals from different religions with dancing women. What is happening in the world today and how are women responding to it? Someone is singing on the church steps and somewhere the codes for women are very strict and their possibilities to react are very limited. The holy animals in the pictures are not taking part of any religious statue they are just looking at us. The women on the paintings are dancing. I wanted to make hopeful paintings -despite all.

Role Models 2013

The author August Strindberg wrote in his novel “The red room” about the ordinary woman who had a picture of her mother and father and of the king on her nightstand. Today it would seem almost absurd to think that a woman would have a picture of king Carl Gustav, Mr. Sauli Niinistö or Mr. Vladimir Putin on her nightstand. This exhibition is a tribute to all female role models and to the men who like to live with and love strong women.

Chaos & Harmony 2010

By painting I tried to move from chaos toward harmony. I thought of making a journey from chaos with bright chaotic colors towards grey harmonic colors. I realized during the process that every painting is moving towards harmony and every painting consists of a moment of Chaos and a moment of harmony. Without chaos I can´t find harmony.

Colour Dance 2010

Every great moment consists of its opposite, being afraid to loose what you have. Still you have to dare! The paintings are “ in between” abstract and realistic and moves between controlled and uncontrolled and the brush strokes are shown. The paintings may be chaotic and you have to go “into the painting” in order to find harmony.